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Stichting Vrienden van het Nesko
Become a friend of the Nesko!
The Friends of the Nesko Foundation was created to support the long-term continuity of the Nesko in the artistic and financial field. The Friends Foundation also manages the Nesko archive. If you also have a warm heart for Nesko and would like to help make future projects possible, then become a Friend of Nesko! You can already become a Friend from a contribution of € 10 per year. As a Friend of the Nesko you will be kept informed of the projects and concerts of the Nesko via a digital newsletter. In addition, you are invited to events specially organized for the Friends. You can become a Friend by sending an email to

Website Stichting Vrienden van het Nesko


On the website of the Friends Foundation you will find more information about the Foundation, you can take a look at the digital archive of all previous Nesko years and you can view photos. As a Friend or former member of the Nesko you can keep your data up-to-date, so that you are informed every year about the Nesko concerts and about special Friends activities.


Support Nesko from your company or organization?
In its rich history, Nesko has been able to collaborate many times with various companies and organizations. Nesko is grateful to have Brinkhof Advocaten as its main sponsor and is also happy to work with other companies!
Nesko consists of the best amateur musicians among Dutch student, which means that every year a successful tour with concerts at a high level and with enormous enthusiasm takes place. Do you also think that young amateur musicians should be given the opportunity to continue making music at a high level and to develop musically during their student days? Nesko offers you the opportunity to support this! From advertisements in the program booklet and on posters and flyers, to providing a reception during a concert or a musical ensemble during a reception of your company, anything is possible! Nesko offers opportunities for national sponsors who support the entire concert tour to sponsorship in a specific concert city. Sponsoring in kind is also very welcome. We are happy to design a plan together that matches your wishes as much as possible. You can contact our acquirer for the possibilities by emailing
Nesko has the cultural ANBI status.
An ANBI is a Public Benefit Organization. The ANBI status involves certain tax benefits on inheritance, gifts and donations. For example, for individuals a gift to the Nesko is no less than 125% deductible in the declaration. Companies that are subject to corporate tax may even deduct 1.5 times the amount of the gift in the corporate tax return.
The Nesko is made possible every year thanks to the contribution of Brinkhof Advocaten in Amsterdam.


Thanks to this contribution, Nesko can organize a special tour through the Netherlands every year, offering a stage to young musical talent. Brinkhof Advocaten is an Amsterdam-based law firm that specializes in, among other things: patent law, intellectual property, life sciences, competition law and IT, media and telecommunications law and can help you with your legal questions.