About Nesko

The Nesko
The Dutch Student Chamber Orchestra (Nesko) was founded in October 1964 to offer students the opportunity of playing in a chamber orchestra.
Each year, 40 or so ambitious students from Dutch universities are selected by means of auditions to form Nesko and play music on a high level. Led by a renowned conductor, Nesko dedicates itself for a full two weeks to their program, which was carefully created by the Nesko-board and the conductor. As is the tradition, Nesko is happy to be able to offer a stage to young talent. Every year, a young, promising musician plays solo, accompanied by the orchestra. In previous years, Nesko has played with Maria Milstein, Niek KleinJan and Niek baar (amongst others). Furthermore, in addition to the program comprised of renowned works, the orchestra performs a brand-new piece, written especially for Nesko by a young Dutch Composer. This is a great experience for both the orchestra and the composer, giving the composer the chance to work with a chamber orchestra and the orchestra the chance to work closely with the composer of the music they are playing.

Nesko kicks off with a rehearsal week in Idskenhuizen, a small town in the Dutch province Friesland. This week is followed by a tour through the Netherlands, with performances in seven of the Dutch student cities. Each concert is capped off for both orchestra and audience in a local bar or café. The members of the orchestra spend the night at different host families.


The high level of playing and originality are prime markers of the Nesko, leading to a reputation of quality and authenticity. In short, Nesko prides itself in being a platform for young, enthusiastic musicians to immerse themselves in the world of music!

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The board
The Nesko is organized every year by enthusiastic students, who are advised by a visiting committee. The current board is formed by:

Katinka van Dongen



Tijmen van Ree


Emma Holtman

Pien klein Goldewijk

Orchestra commissioner


Gijs Roosen

Public Relations 


Jacomijn Dorigo

Fund Acquisition 


Daniël Steinbuch

Sponsor Acquisition 



prof. Pieter van Vollenhoven

Supervisory Board

dhr. W.J. Keizer

advisor repertoire and copyright on music, former music critic for papers such as Dagblad Trouw, Rotterdams Dagblad and Financieel Dagblad


dhr. B. van Meijl

interim director Orkest van het Oosten, chairman KNMO, business leader Nieuwe Philharmonie Utrecht

Supervisory Board

prof. dr. G.J. van der Zwaan

rector magnificus emeritus Utrecht University

Committee of Recommendation

mr. H.M. Bergmann

mayor of Middelburg


drs. H.M.F. Bruls

mayor of Nijmegen


drs. H.J.J. Lenferink

mayor of Leiden


mw. J.M. Penn-te Strake

mayor of Maastricht


dhr. F. Vermeulen

mayor of Wageningen


mw. S.A.M. Dijksma

mayor of Utrecht


drs. F. Halsema

mayor of Amsterdam


mr. K. F. Schuiling

mayor of Groningen


prof. dr. ir. F.P.T. Baaijens

rector magnificus Technical University Eindhoven


prof. dr. ir. H. Bijl

rector magnificus  Leiden University


prof. dr. J.H.J.M. van Krieken

rector magnificus Radboud University


dhr. R. Verhofstadt

chairman of board of directors Hogeschool of Arnhem and Nijmegen (HAN)


prof. dr. H. Kummeling

rector magnificus Utrecht University


prof. dr. H.H.A. van den Brink

professor Politics and Social Philosophy at Utrecht University 


prof. dr. C. Wijmenga

rector magnificus Groningen University


prof. P. P. C. C. Verbeek

rector Magnificus Universiteit van Amsterdam


prof. dr. V. Subramaniam

chairman of board of directors Twente University


prof. dr. E. Nieuwenhuis

dean of University College Roosevelt and professor Biomedical and Life Sciences  at Utrecht University 

Committee of Recommendation

drs. D. Pouwels

chairman of the board of directors of the Hanzehogeschool Groningen


prof. dr. ir. A.P.J. Mol

rector magnificus Wageningen University & Research


prof. dr. Jan Brinkhof

emeritus professor Utrecht University and lawyer in Amsterdam


prof. dr. F.P. van Oostrom

professor at Utrecht University


dhr. I. van Kalmthout

director Stichting ’s-Hertogenbosch Muziekstad


mr. Jaap van Zweden

conductor Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic, violinist


mr. Jurjen Hempel



mr. Arjan Tien

conductor Marinierskapel der Koninklijke Marine and teacher Hogeschool Maastricht


ms. Annett Andriesen

opera singer, former director International vocal competition ‘s-Hertogenbosch and former teacher at the Conservatory of Amsterdam


ms. Candida Thompson

violinist and artistic leader of Amsterdam Sinfonietta


mr. Edwin Rutten

author and singer


mr. dr. Jan Terlouw

author, fysisist and politicus


mr. prof. mr. dr. M.J. Cohen

chairman Stichting voor Vluchteling-Studenten UAF, former mayor of Amsterdam, former deputy minister of education and justice, former member of the Dutch parliament


mr. Wim T. Schippers



mr. Joop van Zijl

journalist and presentator


ms. Marieke van Merriënboer

director of Parnassos Cultural centre Utrecht


Lunch concerts
Apart from the seven evening concerts, Nesko also gives several ‘lunch concerts’ each year. These lunch concerts consist of chamber music in smaller ensembles formed by members of the orchestra.
The lunch concerts are held in locations as a prison, a psychiatrical institution and a school with special education with the aim of bringing classical music to an audience that isn’t usually in the position to go to a concert. During the rehearsal week, the members of the orchestra receive personal coaching from the conductor and other professional musicians to reach a high level of music. The lunch concerts always turn out to be a very special experience for both the audience and the orchestra members. In addition to this form of social involvement, the Nesko traditionally supports Stichting voor Vluchteling-Studenten UAF every year by collecting money for this foundation during the concerts.

Do you want the orchestra members of the Nesko to organize a concert at your institution? Please contact our orchestra commisioner via orkestchef@nesko.nl!