Nesko in times of Corona

Nesko 2021 will take place during the corona pandemic. We continue to write to the Nesko tradition and therefore take measures to make Nesko possible despite the pandemic.

Some differences compared to previous Nesko editions are mentioned, differences that are still being worked on will be announced later on the site:


  • Unlike in previous years, the orchestra members will not sleep with host families during the tour, but will return by bus to the same sleeping location, centrally in the country after each concert.
  • At concerts, the maximum number of visitors will probably be 30, depending on national measures in April.
  • The auditions take place online, so that participants do not have to travel unnecessarily.
  • The concerts will not have a break, so that visitors can remain seated.

In addition, the participants will read the corona protocol drawn up by the board and are expected to comply with this. This protocol will soon be available on the site.


Based on the questions answered below, we hope to provide additional information about the Nesko in corona time. 

Do you have any more questions? Feel free to send an email to

Do the orchestra members keep their distance from each other?

Yes, the Nesko facilitates its orchestra members to keep 1.5 meters distance from each other at any time of the day. For example, they rehearse, eat, sleep and drink while keeping a distance. Sufficient ventilation is also provided. Orchestra members will be able to read details about keeping their distance in our corona protocol in due course.

Will Nesko give concerts all over the country?

Yes, at the concerts, orchestra members do not come close to concert visitors and the orchestra members do not go into town. In this way the orchestra stays in its “bubble”. If we, as the Nesko board, consider it not feasible to go on tour in April due to the measures then in force, we will switch to a Plan B, details of which we will disclose later.

How will the auditions work this year?

The auditions of the first audition round will take place online this year. Auditors submit a video in which they play their performance piece and audio fragments. To make the video resemble a real audition as much as possible, the auditors are asked to record both the performance piece and all fragments in one take and not to cut and paste it into the video. Just like in other years, the orchestra chief will phone the auditors with the results of their audition. This is determined by the conductor, the concertmaster and the orchestra chief.

Are the orchestra members staying overnight?

During the rehearsal weekend on 20 and 21 March, the participants will not stay overnight. During the rehearsal week and the tour week, participants do stay the night. The bedrooms will be arranged in such a way that there is enough distance between the beds when sleeping and there will be continuous ventilation in all rooms.

Will there also be lunchtime concerts this year for target audiences who are normally less likely to attend a classical concert?

Yes, although these concerts will take place in the afternoon this year. Because orchestra members do not go to host families this year, it is prevented that the orchestra members have to bridge too long between the lunch concert and the evening concert. That is why the orchestra members stay longer at the sleeping location at the start of the day, which gives extra time for (ensemble) rehearsals, workshops and such.

What is expected of the orchestra members prior to the start of the project?

As the board of the Nesko, we consider asking participants to quarantine. For this we ask advice from various parties. No final decision has yet been taken on this. As soon as this is the case, it will be clearly communicated. Furthermore, as every year, the orchestra members are expected to study their parts prior to the tour.