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The Nesko

The Dutch Student Chamber Orchestra (Nesko) was founded in October 1964 to offer students the opportunity of playing in a chamber orchestra. Each year, 40 or so ambitious students from Dutch universities are selected by means of auditions to form Nesko and play music on a high level. Led by a renowned conductor, Nesko dedicates itself for a full two weeks to their program, which was carefully created by the Nesko-board and the conductor.

As is the tradition, Nesko is happy to be able to offer a stage to young talent. Every year, a young, promising musician plays solo, accompanied by the orchestra. In previous years, Nesko has played with Maria Milstein, Niek KleinJan and Lidy Blijdorp (amongst others). Furthermore, in addition to the program comprised of renowned works, the orchestra performs a brand-new piece, written especially for Nesko by a young Dutch Composer. This is a great experience for both the orchestra and the composer, giving the composer the chance to work with a chamber orchestra and the orchestra the chance to work closely with the composer of the music they are playing.

Nesko kicks off with a rehearsal week in Idskenhuizen, a small town in the Dutch province Friesland. This week is followed by a tour through the Netherlands, with performances in six of the Dutch student cities. Each concert is capped off for both orchestra and audience in a local bar or café. The members of the orchestra spend the night at different host families. The high level of playing and originality are prime markers of the Nesko, leading to a reputation of quality and authenticity. In short, Nesko prides itself in being a platform for young, enthusiastic musicians to immerse themselves in the world of music!


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