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Remy van Kesteren

In 2020 Nesko will play a composition written by Remy van Kesteren. 

Remy van Kesteren is a Ductch harpist and composer. He graduated in 2010 with the highest distinction at the Utrechts Conservatorium with Erika Waardenburg as his teacher. Thereafter he studied with de famous harpist Isabelle Moretti at the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique. Then he graduated summa cum laude for his master at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam.

Besides being a soloist, Remy also is a composer. Hij got his lessons in composing with Willem Jeths en wrote his own music with multiple music styles. The first album that contains his own work, besides works of other composers, is called Tomorrow Eyes. His newest album that only contains his own music but also his own singing and self-written texts is called Shadows. Remy played his own music during club tours and theater tours. 

Freedom and crossing the boundries between genres are charecteristic for Remy’s music. This completely suits the theme ‘Nesko durft het aan!’ (‘Nesko dares!’) of this year’s project. Nesko is very enthousiastic and honoured to collaborate with such a talented musical adventurer like Remy van Kesteren!

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